Android Calendar app – aCalendar

Ok, you can now stop asking ‘What’s the best Android calendar app?’   I’ve tried several and this is by far my favourite. 

aCalendar   by  TAPIRapps

…and it’s free!

The navigation is smooth and intuitive. From the month view, swipe up or down to navigate through the months or swipe a visible week to the left for week view. Also from month view, swipe a specific day to the right for day view. Does this sound confusing? Play with it for 5 minutes and you’ll be hooked.

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● intuitive navigation with smooth transitions
● day, week & month calendar
● 48 colors per calendar, per-event color if supported by the calendar (Android Jelly Bean with Google Calendar only)
● flexible recurrences (e.g., every 3 weeks)
● birthdays & anniversaries with photos from your addressbook and editing
● Fullscreen widgets
● custom event font size
● uses Android’s native calendar backend and synchronization
● no battery drain
● moon phases and zodiac signs for birthdays
● QR barcode sharing of events
● NFC sharing (if supported by the device) NEW
● free
● no ads

Another feature I use regularly is within the appointment setting options. When entering an appointment also enter the address where you are meeting, so that when your alarm goes off it will offer to take you to Google maps to give directions. 

A widget is also available so you can have your coming week visible on your homescreen.

Download it here and let me know what you think.

Author: Pan Aveyard

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