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I was chatting with a friend the other day about who our biggest online influencers are.

One person who came to my mind was Scott Monty – Global Head of Social Media for Ford Motors.

Over the last few years, the Ford Motor Company has been an aggressive player in the social media scene, with an active marketing presence that spans everything from Twitter and Facebook to live events, conference sponsorships and user-created content.

Scott Monty has been behind the wheel, steering the car maker’s efforts to embrace new media tools, build ongoing relationships with customers and engage potential car-buyers in new ways.

Ford has a very large family of vehicles: cars, SUVs and trucks, in small, medium and large sizes, to serve a global market. They speak to many different brackets of customers, each one of which will use digital media differently.

I have followed Scott on Twitter and read his Blog for a few years now.  Although he’s only been at Ford since 2008 he’s put in place a brilliant and successful strategy that includes multiple Social Media channels.


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We can learn a lot from what Scott has achieved at Ford, by examining what he did, where he did it and how he did it.

One example is their incredibly successful ‘non-selly’ Ford Fiesta Movement campaign that involved selecting 100 social media savvy and vibrant individuals to apply with a short YouTube video (the competition). They were competing to win the chance to drive and provide feedback on the new Fiesta car 18 months prior to it going into production and being released in the USA. (that’s the prize bit)

These social media aware fanatics were encouraged to share their experience with the Ford Fiesta over 6 months on their Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube – (inviting opinions and interaction) and all content was aggregated on to the Fiesta Movement website by users creating accounts and uploading video, pictures and text (the crowd-sourcing bit)  – apparently without requiring any editing!


The Results were impressive

11 million Social Networking impressions

5 million engagements on social networks (people sharing and commenting)

11,000 videos posted

15,000 tweets – not including retweets

13,000 photos

50,000 ‘hand raisers’ who had seen the product in person or on a video and who said that they wanted to know more about it when it when released (a huge 97% of those people didn’t currently drive a Ford vehicle!)

38% awareness by Gen Y about the product, without spending a dollar on traditional advertising!

The information collated through this campaign would be the real ‘Jewel in the Crown’ for Ford – getting to understand demographics, consumer habits, preferences, and then being able to utilise this information both inside the business and externally with more customer centric content.

Scott is quoted as saying about Social Media:

“If your customers are there you need to be there too” He also went on to say “You need to listen, see how they behave and act similarly”

So how can you apply these strategies to your company’s marketing mix?

Ford may be a Brand, but we can learn from what Scott has achieved, don’t you think?

Take a look at how he did it:


Follow: @scottmonty

Read Scotts Blog: http://www.scottmonty.com/

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Author: Lel Aveyard

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