Google Plus A to Z: E=Enhanced_Listing

E = Enhanced Listing


Today’s topic falls under the general heading – ‘Make an Impression’


I’ll start with a quick explanation of what ‘Enhanced Listings’ are before I explain the benefits. Take a look at the following screenshot of a Google search.

enhanced listing, authorship, pan aveyard, google plus

Enhanced Listing includes profile picture, author name and links to Google profile.

As you can see, my result for this query stands out from the rest primarily because of the image. It’s the more subtle things however, that lead to these enhanced listings producing far higher click through rates (CTR).

I have one of my social bio pics appear, because I want to give a ‘social’ impression. One could have a suited and booted pic or wearing a boiler suit – you control how you are perceived.

The subtlety comes with the ‘social proof’ included here, if you were to click on ‘by Pan Aveyard’ or ‘in 2887 Google+ circles’ you would be directed to my Google+ page, where I am demonstrably an approachable ‘real person’. In this hectic, spam filled world of non-attributed content, people like a ‘real person’.

These listings appear when you have verified your  authorship of the content with Google. This setup process (inserting code into your website) should be one of the first things on your mind when starting on Google Plus, as it immediately gives you a competitive advantage. Other benefits include:

  • Keep your identity
  • Establish authority
  • Higher click through rates
  • Build trust
  • Beat plagiarism
  • Elevate the value and the role of the writer

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t happen with Facebook  😉

Tempted to have a look?  Any questions, please ask me and if you really want to ‘Plus’ your business, sign up for some training – Google+ Training Session.


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Author: Pan Aveyard

With a background in IT, training and more recently Social Media Analysis, he has over 20 years’ experience helping people understand and then utilise ‘new stuff’. Passionate about New Media and actively engaged across many platforms, he uses this knowledge and insight to act as your guide to building an active and profitable online community.

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