‘Once upon a time’…my Twitter journey.

Guest Post  🙂

A dear friend of mine from America happily agreed to write a small piece about her time online. With no interest in the business aspect of Twitter, I was interested to hear her experiences.

Take it away, Cindy..

Once upon a time back in the year 2009, I had never heard of the site called Twitter. Then one morning as I sat drinking my mug of coffee, watching my favorite news program, they announced a contest that was beginning, but to enter you had to follow them on something called Twitter!  I wanted to win so I immediately went on my laptop and found it!  It took me a bit to set up my account but it is very easy to do. I didn’t end up winning the contest but what I have received from Twitter has been a much greater prize!

At first I couldn’t figure out what this Twitter was all about, but it didn’t take long! Before I knew it I had a few people following me plus several businesses and such.  So I followed back and “tweeted” a thank you and hello to my new Twitter friends. I wasn’t sure how they had found me or even why they followed me but that was just the beginning of many acquaintances.  Some come and go but you do connect with others and build a genuine friendship. 

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Where it all started…

Twitter has brought the world closer to me.  I chat with people from all over, including United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Switzerland, Portugal and more! I think as an online networking tool it is one of the best available.  There are millions of active members and growing daily which leads to such diversity in interests, be it business or personal! You can be in control of who you allow to follow you and post on your timeline. There is an option to lock your account. Some choose to do this and others don’t. I don’t. Everyone is different.  Some choose to share their entire life, some just bits and pieces, some just music, some just photographs and some just politics! I tweet a little bit of everything! There are others that have set up an account to promote their business and to offer their services.  It’s your choice! I have learned that you do have to be careful. There are deviants on Twitter who will send you inappropriate DM’s (direct private messages) if your account is an open one. This has happened to me a number of times. I will ignore the message and then go to my option to block the person. Once I do this they can no longer contact me or post on my timeline.  Problem solved!


A collector of friends..

There are some people I tweet that I have gone to meet. I’ve had lunches and dinners with them. I met a mom and daughter I tweet with in New York City. We both happened to be going there on the same dates so we decided to meet at a pub and chat in person over a mug of beer. They were as nice in person as online and we continue to be friends. I’ve become good friends with a couple of women here in my home state of Michigan.  One comes over for a girls’ night out (a sleepover) of movies and laughs. It is lots of fun!  The most wonderful thing though that has come of it is that I have made the best friend I have ever had in my 53 years on earth.  We had a connection immediately on Twitter and it grew.  She had never left England until this past year when she decided to fly here and meet me!  We have a special bond and it is like we have always known each other. Without Twitter I don’t think I would have ever met her.  She came back again after that first trip and will be back again in a few weeks!  This time we are going to travel to a warm state and stay at a place overlooking the ocean. I have never traveled outside of the United States but come this July I will be flying to England to spend 3 weeks with her.  I am very excited to experience the culture, to sight see, and hopefully to meet me other wonderful Twitter friends from the United Kingdom that I have made.

I look forward to logging into my Twitter account each day and saying Good Morning and seeing how all of my Tweeps are doing!  If you’re ever in the neighborhood please stop by @CindyMarie522 and say hello!  I would love to meet you!  

Author: Pan Aveyard

With a background in IT, training and more recently Social Media Analysis, he has over 20 years’ experience helping people understand and then utilise ‘new stuff’. Passionate about New Media and actively engaged across many platforms, he uses this knowledge and insight to act as your guide to building an active and profitable online community.

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  1. How wonderful! What a lovely opportunity to see how another person has embraced Twitter and what a difference its made to your life…I’d love to ‘tweet’ you 🙂

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