Pan’s A to Z of Google plus.

Coming January 2014:


An A – Z Blog series around the subject of Google+

To help you get to know and understand G+ and it’s many wonders, I’m going to be posting a series of 26 little blogs on the subject. Hopefully my choices will inspire you to explore this powerful network and utilise it’s potential.

I’m a logical guy so I’ll be starting at A and throughout January I’ll work my way through to Z  (that’s ‘zed’ – are you listening America)

Some of the more popular letters could have had multiple posts while others I had to struggle to get one!  (thanks ‘X’  &  ‘Z’)

Hope you all get what you deserve over the festive period, which you should if you’ve been good little boys ‘n’ girls  🙂

Photo credit  +DustinW.Stout  via  +GuyKawasaki


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Author: Pan Aveyard

With a background in IT, training and more recently Social Media Analysis, he has over 20 years’ experience helping people understand and then utilise ‘new stuff’. Passionate about New Media and actively engaged across many platforms, he uses this knowledge and insight to act as your guide to building an active and profitable online community.

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