Social Media is like a box of chocolates

Throughout our lives we come across many different types of people,  all with different personalities, each of them possessing different communication skills and habits

There are many different personalities or faces of Social Media and you can meet them all within your social networks.

Here’s my interpretation of a few:


The shy wallflower type

These people don’t usually start a conversation, but wait until someone talks to them. In Social Media shyness is no good, you become invisible if you don’t take part in any conversations. The shy don’t tend to get in contact first. But to make any headway they have to provide some reason for other people to notice them and to get in touch.

Note: shy people are hard to find!


The I’m everywhere type

These people jump on every opportunity to communicate and interact. They comment on everything, to everyone, and get in various heated and/or popular discussions, and all while keeping their goals in mind. They publish great content, with the mission to engage and convert.


The Me me me type

The self-promoter takes part in social media communications and discussions with only their own purpose in mind. Unlike the ‘everywhere type’, the me me me type is not looking to have dialogue with anyone, they are looking for a great big microphone.


The Helpful type

The helpful type is always there to provide good answers, advice & feedback. They provide insightful information in their content, which means  they are usually a nice follow on Twitter. You’ll probably gain quite a bit of knowledge and many useful links from their tweets. Nice to connect to, the helpful type is always willing to step in with answers and recommendations.


The Storyteller

The storyteller is never shy of a good story. They produce great content, great narratives, and possess a sense of openness. Storytellers come in the form of content marketers and everyday users who have the knack for attracting audiences through their storytelling abilities.


The Friend

The Friend doesn’t take part in social media with business in mind. The Friend just simply likes to communicate.


My Conclusion

We’ll all have more than one character sleeping in each of us, don’t you think? No matter which personality we claim as our own (and this will change depending on our mood), we will always have to deal with different characters and personalities in social media in the same way we do offline.

We can’t expect people to act and react in the same way that we do, so we have to be open to multiple ‘types’ of connections.

Accepting that people are different is an integral part of any social media journey, don’t you think?

Which type are you?

Author: Lel Aveyard

friendly and helpful - WordPress 'word-nerd' - Social Media native - trainer and mentor - right-brain thinker - advocate of Social Business

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